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SmartNews App - you like/any good?


The Gorn:
During reruns of Babylon 5 on CometTV (hey, B5 is back on the airwaves, first time in 20 years!!!) this week, an app called SmartNews was being pitched.


It's a news aggregator that claims to present all sides equally. App only, so you have to be using Android or iPhone.

Do you use it? Is SmartNews bullshit free? or is it more stealth libtard mind control cloaked as "actual truth"?

I cannot find a good news app. I need one.

RT is not it.

The Gorn:
See my remarks over on DeplorableCoder. I installed it, tried it, hated it, uninstalled it. Technically it's fine, extremely lightweight and fast.

Like i said over there the problem is the source material - the MSM overall - which is heavily skewed toward leftish viewpoints.

The Gorn:

Considers a range of viewpoints

Just completely sucky formatting.

The formatting is acceptable for a mobile phone. The mobile view makes the font size consistent enough that it's reasonable to view and the content is columnized. The desktop view is the traditional multicolumns across the page.

The negatives are that Drudge has no formatting and isn't really a feed, and the view refreshes annoyingly frequently when you're browsing it.

If someone made a shell or wrapper around the Drudge Report that transformed the links and captions into a traditional feed, and which kept the view stationary on the screen without refreshing, it would be even more usable.

The Gorn:
7 Apps that promise to create a streamlined mobile experience sourced from the Drudge Report.



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