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Any fabulous Black Friday deals?

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I scored a 1TB Samsung SSD for under $200 on Ebay's 15% off sale right before BF.
Yesterday hit the stores, got some much needed clothing at 50% off at Old Navy (and still overpriced)

No other electronics other than that. I see Amazon is having massive sales via "Deal of the day" and of course there is Cyber Monday.

I bought a Lenovo laptop pre-black Friday deal. I was a little bit early. However Lenovo only lowered 50 more bucks on Black Friday. Lenovo X1 Extreme was what I bought. I didn't want 4K though; just FHD screen along with 16g RAM and 512 SSD drive.

The Gorn:
I wouldn't call it "fabulous" in terms of magnitude but I bought a Kingston 480GB SSD for my Linux workstation for $54 and the standard price shown now is $78. Pretty nice deal, and it pushed me over the edge to upgrade.

Wow, that is a good deal? Are they still selling those?

The Gorn:

Kingston 480GB, Sata 3.0.

Yes, but @78 now, not $54. IMO you could do better on a SSD if you shop around and wait out some deals.


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