“Why is Sales so DIFFICULT for Me?!!”

Rather, exactly what makes sales the “kryptonite” of the IT or engineering person? Let’s talk about the expertise of being conversant in sales. The Enormous Range of what we mean by “Sales Ability” Just like “software engineering” can mean any layer of any technology stack – IE, endless variations in difficulty/rigor, usefulness in specific domains

In Your 20s? Seize Control of Your IT Career NOW!

Your Best Career Time is NOW Your twenties is your best life in IT. You’ve got your degree and snagged a good job. It pays well, and though it comes with its share of hassles and too much overtime, you’re pretty darn glad you didn’t major in theatre or history or english. Those poor slobs

Is There Life After Programming? What Will You Do Next?

Today you’re a successful programmer, developer, programmer-analyst, or web developer. But where will you be in ten or twenty years? Look around most IT organizations and you’ll see few, if any, techies in their forties or fifties doing your job. As I argued in my LAST POST <>, regardless of how talented you may be,