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Discussions - Public / Re: So what's the national mood?
« Last post by The Gorn on October 14, 2018, 09:54:26 am »
My take:

People in public spaces are ruder, more entitled and shittier than ever. We're climbing asymptotically up a curve of "I want mine".

In most areas I am familiar with, it's not desperation (say, here where I live.) People seem to not be as concerned at all about the general economy or things circling the drain. I don't pick up any of the anxiety of the very early 1980s, the early 1990s, or the 2008 - 2012 period. Despise the libtard bloviations about Trump destroying everything good, the exact opposite in general seems to be occurring across the general economy.

"quiet desperation in Western Virginia" - funny you mention that exact state. We just got back (on Friday) from a short vacation trip to the New River area.

The entire New River valley seems to be a millennial / young adult mecca with a ton of outdoor outfitters, "klever" shops, upscale and dining, etc. I don't think it's just the New River/Fayetteville region either. Charleston the state capital which we passed through in both directions seemed to be booming. WV has a state run tourist trap "juried for excellence" arts and crafts center in Beckley called "Tamarack." Prices are in nosebleed territory. But it was full of people and is a slick monument to "PBS supporter" style affluenza.

We stayed where we did - southern/western WV - because our other favorite area, Canaan Valley (100 mi or so from you) was way more expensive for lodging. So whatever I said about the New River, double that for eastern WV.

LOTS of locally made craft beer. LOTS of locally made distillery product. I brought home a fifth of locally made bourbon.

People working in shops seemed pleasant and unstressed.

I saw no surface level desperation in WV. Qualified, of course, by the fact that we were in a mainly tourist area with no current mining or manufacturing operations.

The feel of being in WV was quite different than urban Ohio. If anything, Ohioans radiate dislike and impatience. WV ranks quite low on a lot of quality of life scales but I don't see it compared to Ohio.

Although a quaint gift shop we stopped in had on a shelf next to the bottles of Appalachian hill folk salad dressing, a stack of books with the title "HOW TO QUIT METH NOW!"  :o
I hear you. A solid keyboard is indispensable.'unicomp'-(aka-ibm-clicky-classic)

It's still a good keyboard, 6 years later. No key legends have rubbed off from wear. Recently I started prying the key tops off of the key switches and using cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to clean the food and other disgusting grunge from behind the keys. In humid weather some keys were sticking badly - cleaning helps. Quality costs - the same keyboard seems to run around $100 including shipping today. But it LASTS.
All Technology & Tech Help / Das Keyboard is great
« Last post by unix on October 13, 2018, 05:48:14 pm »
I wasted most of my professional life on cheap, stupid keyboards. Then I upgraded to Das keyboard. What an experience. My typing has improved tremendously. I get the Cherry MX Brown keys, they are not the loudest. But still have lots of feedback and clickiness.

I just love them. So much I have 3.

Apparently the older ones were made in the good olde Germania. The latest-greatest is from the land or Mordor, or Elbonia. sigh. I think I have one genuine one and two imitations but in the last year, haven't noticed any tangible difference.

For extra points, get a MSI laptop, some of their models like Titan come with the clicky keyboard. Very nice. It's a transcendental experience.

Discussions - Public / So what's the national mood?
« Last post by unix on October 13, 2018, 05:45:17 pm »
The economy is doing well, so all is well?

Or does that mean things are going well only in major metro cities and it's quiet desperation in Western Virginia and such?

I ain't even gonna inquire about the state of Ohio.

I know, I know. This question has no answers.

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: What do you think of these search results?
« Last post by unix on October 12, 2018, 06:42:02 am »
I agree. It is politics to the Nth degree.
All Technology & Tech Help / Re: What do you think of these search results?
« Last post by JoFrance on October 11, 2018, 03:16:33 pm »
Google seriously altered their search engine.  I was always able to pull up that thread from TechRepublic at least 4 years ago, on Google.  I bet DuckDuckGo probably pulls from a lot of different search engines, but I don't know which ones.  Maybe its like Web ferret.  Years ago they even used to show you what search results came from what search engine.  I'm not sure what it does now, but I'm going to try it again.

I never planned on testing Google, I just remembered that post he made and went to look for it on a lark.  He passed away 4 years ago, but was right about so many things.

Anyway, I think now is the time to find other search options to Google.  Did Google get the China search engine mixed up with ours?

Years ago, we had competition in the search engine area, like  AltaVista, Dogpile or Webferret, but no one was "king of the hill" like Google is now.   Its time to move away from them, IMO.  Who wants filtered information because they think its right?
All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Windows 10 update 1809 hosed networking
« Last post by unix on October 11, 2018, 12:55:14 pm »
I also had to flush the DNS:

ipconfig /flushdns

after the driver install. *sigh* what an idiot system.

I think I will pursue CentOS as apparently it's the closest to the Redhat Enterprise I have ... and uses LVM by default, which is nice.   I have 4 SSDs and I need to tell the installer to install on a specific one, as crappy as the Win10 system is, I do not want to overwrite it, not yet.
All Technology & Tech Help / Here's the "you ain't seen nuthin' yet" version!
« Last post by The Gorn on October 10, 2018, 08:32:48 pm »
I found this cited on one Youtuber's channel I follow:

An internal company briefing produced by Google and leaked exclusively to Breitbart News argues that due to a variety of factors, including the election of President Trump, the “American tradition” of free speech on the internet is no longer viable.

Despite leaked video footage showing top executives declaring their intention to ensure that the rise of Trump and the populist movement is just a “blip” in history, Google has repeatedly denied that the political bias of its employees filter into its products.

But the 85-page briefing, titled “The Good Censor,” admits that Google and other tech platforms now “control the majority of online conversations” and have undertaken a “shift towards censorship” in response to unwelcome political events around the world.

Your leading post was timed impeccably...
All Technology & Tech Help / Re: What do you think of these search results?
« Last post by The Gorn on October 09, 2018, 08:31:10 pm »
Here's the answer to my question. The short answer is, DuckDuckGo has many sources and does stuff with them.

I LIKE that. A search engine that doesn't allow results to be gamed for the vendor's own agenda.
All Technology & Tech Help / Re: What do you think of these search results?
« Last post by The Gorn on October 09, 2018, 08:25:38 pm »
A few thoughts:
DuckDuckGo just impressed the hell out of me with this example. This basically says that if you don't find a result in Google, it isn't necessarily non-existent.

Jo, do you know what search provider feeds DuckDuckGo? They aren't large enough or have enough money to do their own spidering and search engine.

To the question of this being partisan political, I'm of the mind that a technology giant with an explicitly stated agenda (sic: support all that is left, tear down all that is right) who is distorting reality in small but significant ways is a threat to society.

In other words, don't be a pussy when something disagreeable is said even if from a perspective you don't like. Truth is truth and this is truth.
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