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Public Discussion / Re: What IDE do you guys like?
« Last post by unix on Today at 07:54:29 pm »
I first read this IED.
Thats what you get for watching too much Netflix.
Public Discussion / TOTALLY not where I was going..
« Last post by The Gorn on Today at 06:15:29 pm »
The entire point of this thread was to re-examine the standing notion of IT people as aspie tards.

What I am saying in this thread (again, differently):

In the general population OR in specific degree-requiring professions, is any particular group so much better than IT people?

I'm saying "no".

My limited exposure in the real world: (take professionals first)

Attorneys are condescending pricks.

Ex-military are generally very rigid, lock step thinkers who can't go outside narrow constraints.

Accountants are dweeby.

Writers are flakes with absolutely no real world skills or talents. They write so they make you THINK they have high competence but they are incompetent humans.

Dentists are about like accountants. Plus often have weird antisocial tendencies (in my experience.)

Doctors and medical specialists are VERY geek-like and probably rise to and exceed IT people in intellectual rigor as applied to real life. But they do far better for themselves as professionals.

How about non-degreed non-professionals?

Pot luck. People of Wal-Mart. Some highly intelligent unread types, but most are unwashed Kardashian watchers. How about normies who follow network news semi-religiously - and who rarely understand larger issues without having those issues spoon-fed.

My point is that IT people, as klutzy as they are, are in general the very best society has to offer as examples of humans, on average. We are smart, hard working/work ethic, and we try to build things and make things better.

No other segment of society does all of these things and has these attributes. If some particular group does, you tell me!

IT people are for the most part are social retards.
And this is why IT people are their own worst enemy. They can't see the forest through the trees.

And I've stated exactly the same sentiments and reasoning myself.

Again - I'm saying that the reaction of calling IT people "aspie retards" is due to the cognitive dissonance of super-smart people who do ABSURDLY dumb things outside the context of technology piece work. In other words if IT people were not as brilliant, their shortcomings (as articulated so well by Unix) would not be so glaring.

Super-smart but we can't change a light bulb.
Public Discussion / What IDE do you guys like?
« Last post by The Gorn on Today at 06:11:54 pm »
Linux, free open source if possible.

I want to do web-dev, HTML + CSS + JS for now, and maybe PHP or other back end stuff in time.

Atom seems to be highly recommended by many developers.

Eclipse (an early leader in IDEs) concerns me because it has a reputation for being very difficult to come up to speed on.


Public Discussion / Re: How goes the Christmas season?
« Last post by ilconsiglliere on Today at 05:22:09 pm »
Its been very cold here in the northeast. Unusually cold. This time of year its typically in the low 40s/high 30s. This year its already been the 20s and teens. We typically don't see that till January/February.

Just some advice - if you are an American citizen you should get on the DoD gravy train. Everyone else in the DC area is on it, why not you? I appreciate that you have principles but that won't put food on the table, heat and a roof over your head.

I know its hypocritical but thats life.

I have been laid off a bunch of times and will do whats necessary to survive. Retooled myself a bunch of times already. Ideally I would like to retool out of the IT job market and do something else but what am I am going to do being 40+ years old.

Just get on it and learn to live in the swamp ;) .
IT people are for the most part are social retards. I have worked with them my entire career and have never understood them and they don't understand me. They seem to have a myopic view of how the world is and are self absorbed in their "thing" whatever that thing is.

As a child I was not into what typical IT people were into as a kid. They were into math, computers, science, chemistry, physics, chess, dungeons and dragons., star trek, star wars. All the typical stuff you hear that typical geeks like.

What did I like? The outdoors, exercise, sports, art, drawing, painting, architecture, cars, guns,ships, military stuff, woodworking and oh yeah WOMEN. I couldnt do math to save my life. I am better now at it but was horrible than.

I started college as a fine arts major and when I went to comp sci it was a rude awakening. I went from people centric to computer centric. And oh yeah where are the women? Found out I could code like a fiend despite being a math moron because I could see the code in my head just like art. I was only in the field about 3 years when I thought of quitting. I hated the culture and people that much. But the money was way too good and they kept telling us the gravy train would never end. When I transitioned into PM I realized that I liked talking and organizing things far better than sitting at the computer all day being tortured by some block of code.

Here is the thing with IT people - they may be intellectually smart but they don't have any street or political smarts. Some of them are so dumb about this its amazing they can function at all in normal life. I attribute it not that they can't do it but they choose NOT TO DO IT. They don't view it as important so they make no attempt to be better at it. Normal people don't have the intellect to fall back on so they are forced to learn social skills when they are young. Because IT people have the intellect they have no need to learn the social skills and they focus on that thing. Thats why I said they had a myopic view of things in the beginning.

Example: when the H1B invasion started the IT people should have self organized into a union or guild and stopped this shit cold. But did they do that? NOPE. They sat around intellectualizing about it: is stopping it right? do h1bs have a right to be here? how are we impacting h1bs by helping them and whatever vomit worthy material came into their thick skulls. And businesses used the fact they were social retards to destroy their career.

Can you imagine doing this with long shoreman? They long shoreman would have gone out and split some head and had very violent and vocal walk outs. And guess what? The business capitulates.

And this is why IT people are their own worst enemy. They can't see the forest through the trees.

Silly Valley is another prime example. These tech prima donnas live in a virtual tech bubble where they don't interact with the outside world. They don't understand that the rest of us don't believe what they believe. On top of this these snot nosed aspie morons think they know whats right for the rest of us while not having any real world experience. They are all brave behind their keyboard but what happens when the day comes they are facing a mob who wants their ass? Are they going to intellectualize their way out of it? I doubt it. They will be snuffed out.
Public Discussion / Preachin' to the choire!
« Last post by The Gorn on December 09, 2018, 10:09:03 pm »
I think IT professionals who are good, and smart  have what amounts to a disability. You cannot be a great IT guy without some kind of cognitive dysfunction I think that interferes with great social skills, emotional IQ and just feeling situations and selling one self along the lines of what I can do to help versus "I am great at X,Y,Z".

And you said - in order to function at a high level something has to give.

Exactly, precisely. Well said.

I'm seeing this even when I check out Youtube videos about IDEs and coding tools in Linux. These guys generally can't explain their ways out of a paper bag. Videos about almost ANYTHING OTHER THAN IT, like car repair, or cooking, or traveling, are usually very helpful. When I watch a video given by some dude explaining how features of Atom (an IDE) work, the guy is basically always mumbling through the fine print of a desktop, on the screen, which you can't even read.
Public Discussion / Re: How goes the Christmas season?
« Last post by unix on December 09, 2018, 07:08:20 pm »
I'm near Annapolis, MD. There are lot of computer jobs if you have security clearance. I don't have and don't want security clearance. I have no desire to be part of the swamp.

Well then, you are a smarter person than I am without a doubt.
Public Discussion / Re: Samsung Evo 860 1TB
« Last post by unix on December 09, 2018, 07:07:25 pm »
neat article. the charts are nice but somewhat misleading, I think there is a huge performance gap between HDD and SSD, even the slowest SSD is light years away from HDD. I have both SATA and PCIe and haven't noticed a huge difference between the two.

Your choice of laptop dictates which SSD type you can accept. Of course PCIe is faster. Get it - if your machine has it. If not, it's a waste of funds.
 Mine came with the stupid 1TB HDD that I promptly replaced, the 2.5" format. Interestingly enough, inside the actual 2.5" SATA SSD case, most of it is empty. I think the 2.5" format is obsolete as well.

the other thing to note is, which key your slot is using, B or M.
I just started reading your post, will process it later - this popped into my head so wanted to share it before it drifts away. To further elaborate on this point.

I used to play chess competitively, in tournaments, in my teens. I wasn't any good, just mediocre, average, kept up with the players, lost some, won some.. Reason I quit was because at every tournament one or two kids would come and wipe out mostly everyone they played against. There were that much better and more gifted.  There were the 1% at the top and truly bright and I realized I could not keep up with them no matter how many openings and end games I studied. It wasn't just memorization, but creativity and seeing what nobody else could see.

Now looking back at it, I think all of the gifted players had an extreme social disability, a high functioning form of autism, or Asperger's syndrome or something along those lines, lack of social preparedness. In order to function at a high level like they did, something had to give.   I think IT professionals who are good, and smart  have what amounts to a disability. You cannot be a great IT guy without some kind of cognitive dysfunction I think that interferes with great social skills, emotional IQ and just feeling situations and selling one self along the lines of what I can do to help versus "I am great at X,Y,Z".

I know some will disagree but I think social handicap is a necessary part of being an IT guy. It interferes with other functions. Yeah, they are smart. And some are very smart, and what of it.

I think this is why some 'smart' IT guys are stuck in dead-end jobs, going nowhere, like the stapler guy in "Office space", who may be smart on paper, and smart IQ-wise but at the same time, retarded. Their IQ is not an indication of where they are in life. Bullshitters get much farther.

This is why forum participation is what it is. How many IT people are there in the country. None of them want to engage in creative thinking, or critical thinking, a critical look at their careers? Or the world?

I mean what's more important, imagination or knowing syntax of the Assembly language. Retards. Gifted but retards nonetheless. Maybe I am a part of that crew, I don't know.  I don't think I am either gifted or retarded, maybe that's the problem.

there is a huge wide world outside of the  keyboard.

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