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Shopping for an updated router

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What's hot and what's not?

I'm thinking it's time to upgrade and looking for something new. I like how configurable my old one is, a D-Link DIR-655. I still use the Ethernet ports but more and more is now Wi-Fi. Any suggestions?

The Gorn:
I had exactly the same router, bought around 2009 at Costco. I upgraded ours last fall to this model:


The Tp-Link Archer c7 has settings that seem to echo those in the dir655. The D-Llink gives you nice labeling of port forwarding rules, etc which the Archer lacks but otherwise I was able to set up forwarding rules for our VoIP adapter and a TV device which works perfectly, as before. The wifi signal seems a bit stronger.

The TP-Link supports 5ghz which is highly overrated. Its signal is much weaker than the standard band wi-fi.

The newer router supports ipv6 which the older D-Link doesn't. That was one of the reasons I upgraded. And the D-Link DIR655 is just getting to be a really old product.

I paid $80ish locally at micro center.

Thanks for the review. I wish I knew what equipment a small motel 2 blocks from work had. Even at that distance, I could pick up their wi-fi signal with no problems. Even our Lowes has a good signal over 2 parking lots, 2 frontage roads and a divided 2 lane highway. That's one thing I want improved over the D-Link DIR655. Even at max output, the signal from the router to the front of the house is wimpy.

The Gorn:
You're describing commercial grade equipment. What I see in hallways in hotels and in major chain restaurants mounted on the walls doesn't look anything like TP-link or D-link stuff that one sees at Best Buy.

Or look into access points.


Or, look into extension antennas. Both of these routers, old and new, have coax connectors, and you can buy directional antennae. Run the coax right to where you need the signal presence.

(I'm not certain what effect signal phase will have on extension antennas, IE, the broadcasts canceling each other out.)

Either of these routers we own, new, sells for about $80 at the street level. Certainly they will have limited range compared to hotels.

Wow, between $75 - $90 there are several on Amazon that look just as good or better. Some of them claim speeds of nearly twice the slowest one in the batch. For a little bit more money, some look better but I'm always skeptical of the ads. Also some have signal strengths listed in easy to find places while others don't and even then, they don't sound impressive.


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