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Recovering Win10 EFI partition from Linux

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Gorn, I recall you went through something similar a few months ago and I wanted to ping your knowledge on the subject. I did something stupid and wiped out my EFI partition on both Win10 disks. Primary and clone. I think the stupid imaging program has a huge bug in it.
 Now the machine will not boot, except in Fedora 29 mode.

I realize I need to boot off a recovery CD and repair the EFI, something like this:


However, is there a tool in Linux that can repair EFI partitions in Windows. I am aware you can amount Windows drives, create mount points and stuff. But how do you reinstall EFI partitions from Linux on Windows 10 disks?

Linux has efibootmgr, it's close but doesn't seem like it can do the above, that is operate on Windows entries. Or can it?


The Gorn:
I'm very sorry. No clue whatsoever.

My problem a year or so ago was that I kept losing standard partitions on hard drives. Recovering a normal partition, from my reading, is based on having a backup partition table available. If the backup partition is garbaged, then you may have a hard drive full of sectors that there is no sector to file mapping available to refer to.

There are a few tools available that can recover the files from a drive where all partition info, including the backup, is lost. But  the processing takes days (literally) and you may wind up with a bunch of files that have boilerplate concocted names rather than original names.

My expertise with recovering and repairing partitions is rather amateurish.

Maybe Pxsant knows about this and can help?

I assume the following post is from you.


Have you tried what was suggested?

Yeah. I've made a lot of progress. I am booted into the recovery flash I made with Rufus software and now am contemplating which path I should take to rebuild the EFI. There seems to be a dozen ways of doing so.

For example diskpart is for the advanced users but the Windows 10 recovery disk also came loaded with other programs like Macrium Reflect (I've used it for 10 years and never noticed it has disk recovery features built-in).

I have no experience with this but is it all that different than say Grub 2 or anything similar? I would think most of what gets loaded is pretty generic aside from the partition data itself. Assuming that's the case, you should be able to rebuild what you need and cross your fingers.

Now with that said, I can't remember the last time I wrote down partition data info plus I might be way off base with this. I remember there being a huge stink over EFI partitions but can't recall why.  Good luck!


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