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Well little sister tasked me with finding her a good VPN service while in Brazil. I've looked at a few with various prices and they more or less look the same. I haven't used a paid VPN provider so I'm not sure what to look for. Any tips on narrowing down my selection?

They all talk a good talk but is there any way to know which ones provide good service without trying them? I believe you get what you pay for but that doesn't mean a cheap priced service is no good.

Oh, I've also noticed that some cover both cell phones and computers under the same plan. I guess the plan allows for multiple devices, which is handy. So anything to look for or providers to avoid?

I don't know which is best but the one I use is Private Internet Access.   It seems to work fine but I use it only a few times a month when I am at a location other than at home.   Price is around $40 per year for one year or about $60 for 2 years.


The Gorn:
^ Same as Pxsant, I also have PIA, it works great, and torrenting of large, completely legal downloads  :police: >:D is very fast.

Look for reliable client software for your OS of choice. I use PIA frequently on Linux - they have a very good Linux client that was fairly straightforward to install, that has the same features as the Windows client. PIA has worked for me with at least two concurrent devices.

My experience has been that PIA is completely trouble-free and just works on Windows, Android phones, and Linux.

Thanks. I will check them out. Someone suggested the following short list to her. Not sure what they based it on.
StrongVPN, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

I found some of the reviews to contradict each other.

The Gorn:
Also look for a credible non logging policy. PIA has an explicit policy of not logging any user logins or connections to IPs, therefore, they own no data that can be subpoena'd or otherwise disclosed to copyright trolls or law enforcement. You want to Google any vendor you consider and see what is said about them. A few have violated user trust with disclosure.

When I shopped around I found PIA to be a price leader. $40 per year for each year.


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