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What This Section is Intended For: pure tech, no particular business focus


The Gorn:
This section is where you can discuss your technology experiments, "science fair projects", and investigation of new or old stuff just for the sake of learning.

To curmudgeons - when it comes to this section, save your posturing.  ;D (It will be selectively deleted.) (This goes for me as well.)

Almost all other forums on this board are business or career specific.

This one forum is intended to be a place where the technical aspects and interest are primary, and any business angle can be referred to one of the other boards.

A serious professional sells his skills and talents. In IT, he needs to invest time and effort in learning new technology for the sake of renewing and maintaining a competitive edge. And reporting to others on your findings is a valuable part of this process. This is an element of what Stephen Covey calls "sharpening the saw". That's exactly what you can talk about here.

So do not feel pressured to justify your research on an "investment return" basis here, particularly in a monetary sense. If you figured out something interesting and had fun doing it, or even if you figured out something boring and you DIDN'T have fun doing it, post away here.


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