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Author Topic: Mixed feelings about Linux after living with it for a couple of weeks  (Read 688 times)


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Re: Mixed feelings about Linux after living with it for a couple of weeks
« Reply #45 on: October 28, 2017, 07:03:52 pm »
I mostly agree with what you are saying about the gui, it is very dense and hard to decipher where to change things. Having been on a Mac for a long time I really can't stand Windows any longer. I use it at work but thats it.

Microsoft's gui skills at one time were very good but its gone to hell in a huge way starting with Windows 8 and 10. All that flat shit with the icons that mean absolutely nothing. You want to talk about a dysfunctional gui, here is looking at Win 8/10. Enjoy the abomination along with Microsoft spying on you.

I use Ubuntu with the Plank dock app because it looks like a Mac. I don't use my computers at home beyond entertainment, just like the majority of the public. I only surf the web, read email, download/play music and video. Occasionally use MS Word but thats about it. Now if I was running a business that I wrote a lot like copy writing I might be tied down to MS Office. Thats what keeps most companies in Microsoft world, like it or not. So I understand your pain.

I do agree that Linux was developed by the Aspie computer dark circuit. If you are an IT dork that wants to fiddle with it, its perfect (Android is pretty much the same) . On the other hand if you just want it to work & use it, that might cause problems. With that being said I have never had Ubuntu do what Windows does.


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Re: Mixed feelings about Linux after living with it for a couple of weeks
« Reply #46 on: October 28, 2017, 07:58:37 pm »
That is a perfect opportunity for them to completely remove Windows and install some version of Linux, something idiot-proof, standardized, debugged and supported much like Windows. And not based in Seattle. And free.

the problem with Linux is there are dozen of permutations. Nothing is standard. I don't care for the 100 and 1 flavors of Linux, windowing systems. They need to have one, much like MS.

I think only a government can force this issue.

They could throw a little money (comparatively) at the "problem" by creating a ministry charged with building the official, sanctioned RussiaOS. The problem which is really just LInux's FOSS underdeveloped culture of dealing with end users.

I keep saying that Linux is a 95-97% solution. The guts are there. Users demand practical perfection, 99.99% "perfect", IE, ready and understandable equivalents to actions they perform now on Windows or Mac.

You are right about that..

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