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Can't post an image to this board? Explanation.

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The Gorn:
First of all, don't use the attachments capability of the board. It has too many restrictions and gotchas to be useful. I should hide those controls under every message editor window. I don't host any user images, with the exception of tiny, fast loading personal icon images and glyphs.

Secondly, you have to host your image or have it hosted already on the web somehow, in a way that any website like this can display it. For those of you with no website space because you don't have your own web sites, this means You don't have to register. You should be able to post an image anonymously. Save the link which you will need in order to post the image on this board.

Lastly, the image will only be displayed in your post when you have the image link in your message, BUT!  you have to surround the link to the image in an image tag.

The easiest way to do this is:

Paste your or other image link into the posting editor as text.

Then select the link with your mouse.

Then click the button above the posting editor, the miniature "Mona Lisa" to the right of the F in the red circle. If you hover the mouse over it, it says "insert image".

Pressing this button will build the image tags around your image link.


I always used Photobucket for posting images,  but haven't used it in a long time.  They've changed a lot and I was hoping to get rid of them.  I'll look at  Thanks for the info.

The Gorn:
Imgur is mainly for quick memes and things that you wouldn't cry over if they were lost. AFAIK it's free only.

Photobucket ruins forums everywhere by expiring old images and displaying their own watermark. I hate the paid sites like Photobucket that many normies have used over the years to post images to boards. Some forums I visit with image threads will contain nothing but "Photobucket Hosting Expired" banners for threads dated from 2013 or earlier.

Here's what I've done. I have a account that I fund every few months with $10-20.  A static website on NFS under their domain that only serves my stored images costs < $2 per month, and there is absolutely no censhorship.

So, as long as I keep the trivial hosting payment in place, I don't have to worry about my images disappearing. And I have complete control over images even if I'm banned from some board.

Photobucket still has a free version, but there are so many ads, its unusable.  I'll try imgur.  I could swear I just dragged and dropped images  to this site at one time.

that's what I am trying.


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