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Google Confirms That Emails Can Be Read By Human Third Parties



Google: ANYONE including us can read your emails. You will like it, trust us!

Privacy? Whats that? keke keke

protonmail dot com

I don't think this should be allowed without notifying users "clearly".  No one reads all the terms and conditions of most apps where they probably bury something like this revelation or bog it down with legalese. They hide their intentions behind legal crap language.

How about if they say up front, "we're reading your (private?) emails to develop a better product".  Would you sign up for an app that stated that?  Maybe I might if it was a benign kind of thing, but otherwise, no.  Still, people have a right to know what they're signing up for, clearly stated and the terms and conditions legalese crap just doesn't cut it.


not like it comes as a huge surprise.

I use  them but for nothing serious. Need to completely remove both gulag and yahoo from my life.

It isn't a surprise that some of our information is used for data analytics by Google, but third parties reading or data mining our personal email  conversations is an invasion of privacy, IMO.  I might have agreed to let Google have some info, but thats it.



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