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"Encouraging" (Forcing) Employees & Contractors To Do Video Bios Of Themselves?

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I got an email a few weeks ago from one of the higher ups asking that each of us make a 1 minute to 5 minute video bio of ourselves. They told us that the video is voluntary but they would like everyone to do it. After several weeks and being sent to 150+ people only 10 people have done it. I found these statements in the original email hysterical:

" If you are able to do a 1 minute to 5 minute video"
" Employees + Contractors – We all are ONE Team "
" Especially for Contractors who will NOT be at this event "

Daily reminder - I am not perm, dont get benefits, dont get vacation and the only reason I am here is for $$$. I am not your "friend". I will be on your team till the day you decide you dont want to pay me any longer. Than poof, just like that I am not there any longer and am no longer your "friend".

This morning I got another email that they were giving us one more chance to do it by extending the deadline 3 days. That was followed by an email stating that they wanted 75% participation.

Can this guy take the hint - NOBODY wants to do it. Not the employees and definitely not the contractors. Here is the list of what they want with my responses:

Introducing yourself stating –

o   Who you are

If you don’t know who I am then we’re in bigger sh*t than I thought

o   What area and project you support

If you don’t already know this then we don’t work together and it doesn’t matter

o   Where are you based out of

Uh, 1. check the corporate directory, 2. why does it matter since everything is ‘global’ anyway?

o   One interesting fact about you

I seriously dislike “fake” networking via social media and especially video.

o   Your hobbies and/or your passion and if time permitting

Uh, I don’t have any time for hobbies and if I did I wouldn’t share them with colleagues I’ve never met in person let alone tell them in a video that could end up who knows where in which to be trolled

o   Why you enjoy working here

Uh, I don’t actually enjoy working here. Show me 1 person who does and I’ll show you someone who is more fake than network news.

This is basically forced social networking. I am not doing it as I have concerns of what may happen with the video. No thanks. As we all know, once you post something online you lose all control of the content.

The Gorn:
My gut feeling is that this isn't forced social networking, which would be more like asking all employees to join some corporate sponsored inbred Facebook or Instagram clone website.

My gut feeling is that your employer/client is assembling as many videos as possible for incorporation into a marketing campaign.

 (Q: are you an hourly contractor or an employee? Not that it matters)

No doubt your employer has signed media releases on file for everyone giving your employer rights to feature recognizable worker photos in annual stockholder reports, etc.

They are probably planning some kind of either social media or conventional advertising video commercial. They want these talking faces of the caring, sharing, wonderful, dedicated employees to put a human face on their collaboration with globalist master planning.  >:D

They want as many videos as possible to have a range of choices. Most will suck, and a few will be of employees who unwittingly create a good impression of the business.

It might even be a Super Bowl halftime commercial next year. Think about that.   :P

In other words they want free content without paying actor union scale.  :P

If Office Space were made today they'd probably have Lumbergh, Peter, Michael Bolton, and Milton Waddams giving video bios during the movie. It would get very meta.

The Gorn:
Either THAT theory, or, your employer wants to create a spoof video showing rapid cuts of things workers say in their videos taken out of context hilariously. Kind of a "this week  in unnecessary censorship" effect. (The only worthwhile thing Jimmy Kimmel has done.)

The Gorn:
^ My first theory was serious. The second was silly but possible. A third possibility:

Your employer wants the videos in order to have psychologists or HR-psychotherapy types view them either in order to diagnose pathologies in the business, or pathologies in individuals.

I put less weight on this because the edict isn't mandatory (yet.)

It's probably intended to have material for commercials and corporate backgrounder videos.

I am an hourly contractor, you know the lower than a cockroach variety  >:D . The kind that hides when you turn on the lights.  ;D .

What you are saying could very well be true. I would not put anything past any company now. Any of the things you suggested could be true - using it for anything from advertising to evaluating people (picking out the bad seed).

They have this internal social media thing named Yammer which is all but dead. Nobody uses it after they spent tons of money on it. Get real, people dont want to use social media at work for work.

Supposedly the reason that they want to do run them during a section of a town hall meeting. Team building, employee engagement. Blah, blah.

Have you ever heard of the term "employee engagement"?

I saw this when I was at one company being used as a weapon against the employees. They actually had books for the managers on how to manipulate the employees.

I am not doing the video. Its an invasion of my privacy. I dont want to share my life with people I dont know nor leave a digital video trail to be used against me by others.


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